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  • These poems stand their ground and fight back, uncompromising in their gifted bricolage. High-ceilinged, kaleidoscopic, tumbling down the page. Merrill Gilfillan
  • There is a razor-thin crack between the world and Simon’s verse: that crack is language and that razor is in the hand of a poet at once vigurous and lost. This is a book of wisdom attentive only to the beauty that heals, but distracted, like all of us, by the beauty that hurts. Andrei Codrescu
  • Aaron Simon combines Zen-like non-constraint with the feel of an urbane metaphysic: heavy/light but not heavy-lite. Vividly, and with precise diction, his observations challenge any one-to-one realism, yielding something that falls together wholly by indirection. In the gems of On My Way, the mental life weaves easily and with wit into a fragmentary logic, unsentimental yet moving: ā€œI know about survival/ Spring Forward, Fall Back.ā€‹ John Godfrey